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We all fall for the human conditions, Just get up and shake it up.

Don’t worry a stumble prevents a fall

To err is human, to fix it is superhuman

Give us your winning Formula? How do you deal with your addiction, we want to learn from you…

What’s your addiction?

Addicted to your past

Addicted to past… Weather dead or alive, person, place or thing, happy or unhappy, it’s in the past, so why can’t you let it go especially if it shapes you today in a negative way. Happy memories are great but when they are not happy no one needs to hear it especially you… Stuck in […]

Turn your addiction into Passion and Compassion

The only way of finding the limits of the possible is by going beyond them into the impossible. Arthur C. Clarke What if you could change all the sadness in the world, what if you could help wipe all the tears of pain What if you have the answers What if we need you What […]


Addicted to worry… Are you worried about someone’s behavior? Sigh….oh how we all do…how can we not worry when we love someone that is on the wrong path? We stress, we cry, we scream, we talk, we reap our gut out. Showing our devastation towards their wrong doing, they promise, they swear, they cry yet […]

Addicted to negativity

Addicted to negative news? I know, you know someone that runs to you everyday with some bad news. From tragedy to gossip she/he is there to share. As she wants to highlight her day, in such a sad way. Who else would listen to her/him after all she has earned that routine. Winning formula….Confront this […]