About US

Who is America the ADDICT?

Thank you for taking the time to check out my blog. I come to you to share my views about our addictions. We all know what I am talking about, although some of you will reject our participation in such a negative word ADDICTION. Yes addiction…what are you overdoing and can’t balance it out. We all have lost our balance in different areas of our lives some of us have combated some hardship and moved on to other difficult challenges while the rest of us have been dealing with the same difficult, annoying battle all our lives. I know you are tired of hearing and talking about your sad tail about how you can’t lose weight, and how you are addicted to prescription drugs or can’t seem to stop doing whatever it is you are overdoing… We need you to take a stand…. Drop the sad tail and execute the next plan of action. We must remember that time is moving so is our problem, that is the good news. It will all pass sooner or later. It is crucial to embrace the pain and not wallow in your misery.

Negative why?
Because we don’t know how to be positive!!!
I would like to extend my invitation to you to share with us your positive winning formula of how you combat your addiction on daily basis. I would like to spread a winning virus of how to deal with our demons

America the addict is about you and me…….

I know you are scared, because you are reading this post for someone you love that you think has a problem.
We go through our lives pointing fingers at everyone that does us wrong, but very few of us stand in front of the mirror on a daily basis and tell the truth. The truth is you are not perfect and yes you have an addiction as
well. And yes, your reactions might be causing some harmful actions….

America the addict is a place where we can repent without any pre-requisite beliefs, without any prior judgements, education or remorse. Americatheaddict is our home where we all visit with our minds every Monday but some of us have lost our way home. I invite you back to do some soul searching and in finding yourself, you can help us find a

better way for a better day….

Most of the time, when we are asked to look at ourselves, we stop listening, reading, or caring . When someone brings to our attention an observation that they made about our character we become defensive and we ditch that person, because they might have our number and we don’t want to be ok.

America the addict, what is it again?

It is an address to a new home where you can find yourself not by hiding your addictions, but by sharing your happy formulas. If you are scared and don’t have a formula, please come in as a guest and hopefully take what
someone gives you as their winning formula.
It is a place where we will not talk about why our addictions came about
It is a place to share our winning formulas of how we made it through the day
it is a place of happiness with fun, happy and positive stories
It is a place of gratitude for what is right
It is a place of serenity
It is a place where we are not alone
It is a place where we can count on our happiness without someone dragging us down
It is a place to share about how great you are doing
It is a place of hope, happiness, and a healthier you

A better way for a better day.

Share with us your WINNING FORMULA……